About Us

 Hiii everyone my name is Heather and i am the maker of Room Smells. It all started with this cute little guy... my son, Dominic, aka Bubba💙.


We have a bunch of candle tart warmers in our house and one of Bubba's favorite things to do was turn off the wax warmer - just as the wax bears were turning to a liquid. He would let the wax harden and would pop the little circle discs out and save them. After he saved a few.... like 10 or so (I always wondered why I was going through so much wax lol) he came to me with his little monster truck box in tow and said, “Mom.... look at my room smells. They smell soooo good. I think we should sell them. I think we can make a bunch more and sell them for $1, what do you think?” So, for the next few weeks he would mix my wax bears and make different combos in the burners and create different smells. It was really cute how he loved creating the smells.

I then decided to look into candle-making since I knew selling reused wax Bubba created wasn’t the best idea😂😂. Sooooo this my friends is how Room Smells was created. Bubba loves smelling all the candles and helping me decide if it’s a keeper or a scent we pass on. Its been such a fun business starting with my guy! Can’t wait for you all to experience Room Smells.

xoxo Heather & Bubba

Room Smells is a small batch luxury candle company based in Miami, Florida. We are non-toxic, Phthalate free, non-GMO company and always trying to be eco conscious.  We offer candles and room/linen sprays as well as hand cleansing sprays. Soon to expand to other luxury items + scents.